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Welcome to the safest site on the internet! Your bank details are secure with us and with our buyer protection you get your money back if things go wrong. And most importantly: you pay with only a few clicks. Much safer.

Shopping on the internet? Only with PayPal - your safety net. Our free buyer protection is there for you when you need it, in case an article was not dispatched or arrives in a completely different condition than described.

PayPal security goes even further: You only enter your details once, on login. From then on these are always in a safe place every time you buy - with PayPal. The seller does not get to see them.

Alongside our security, PayPal is so quick: a few clicks and your purchase is on its way to you.

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Your PayPal account is debited immediately by means of payment via giropay or bank transfer, in cases of direct debit two days after payment and for credit card payment, 5-10 days after payment. In the case of a justified cancellation, return of goods and advance payment, you receive a credit entry on your PayPal account.