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Profit at the push of a button! The Passiontec partner programme pays off with every visitor to your website. It works like this: you place Passiontec banner ads or text links on your website and receive commission for every successful sale. Register now free of charge!

Become a partner and earn money

We offer our customers
  • Top brands
  • Exclusive products
  • Low prices
  • Reliable service
  • Security resulting from years of experience
We provide you with
  • Attractive rewards of up to 10% / per sale
  • Our active partners manage to achieve an average of 10 orders per month
  • Our top publishers achieve up to 86 sales per month
  • High conversion rates
  • Incentives for partners with high sales
  • Regular voucher compaigns
  • Star products
  • Low cancellation quotas
  • Over 1,000 records of product data
  • A simple, worry-free partner programme

This is how it works

Registration Application Activation Integration of advertising material Order Payment of commission


Commission 010.25 %Commission 020.5 %Commission 031 %Commission 042 %Commission 053 %Commission 064 %Commission 075 %Commission 086 %Commission 097 %Commission 108 %Commission 119 %Commission 1210 %

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Things you always wanted to know about the affiliate programme but were afraid to ask.

How do I become Passiontec a partner?
  1. Simply register at Awin
  2. Send us your application
  3. And integrate our advertising materials into your website
  4. Then you just have to wait until a user visits us from your website and places an order...
  5. ... you will receive your commission
What are the disadvantages?
In a nutshell: there aren't any!
  1. becoming a partner is free of charge,
  2. and completely risk-free,
  3. You have no obligation to us or the customers.
What do I get out of being a partner?
Apart from your commission, our advertising materials enhance your website and enable your visitors to access our exclusive products.
What is the rate of commission?
Our current rate of commission is 0.25 - 10% of net goods purchases. Special agreements may be made for particularly successful partners. Let's talk about it.
How much will I earn?
That, of course, depends on how many of your users place orders with us. But in principle there is no upper limit. We can only tell you that customers spend an average of 307.00 Euro per order. For example, even if we only receive one order per day via your website, this would come to368.40 Euro for a month with 30 days.
Where can I check my commission?
You will be given a partner account in which you can check the current status of your commission payments at any time.
How and when will I receive my commission payments?
Commission earned in the preceding month will be transferred into your bank account in the middle of the month/at the end of the month.
When can I begin?
Right away! Just click on Awin to get started!